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Full Name Shining Force III (U).7z
Filesize 111.9 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Just loaded mine and took some screenshots... I cannot believe HOW GOOD this game is! :) I hope ISO/ROM works because this is truly a gem. I have been playing Shining Force games since the Sega Genesis and this is truly an awesome game, one of the best in Shining series, right up there with Shining In The Darkness (genesis) and the re-vamped Shining Force Resurrection Dark Dragon (GBA).. Get this game! 5/5 is a low grade for such a gem!
Is this game working now?
Any updates on game ISO status working? :-/ Upl;oading some screenshots to help people decide if they like this game or not... I own this game on disk, of course.
CUE file only boots to a music track..
One of the other amazing RPGs on the Saturn (right up there with Panzer Dragoon Saga), made by the company who is sadly not as well-known for the Shining games, but it more well-known for the Golden Sun games: Camelot (Sonic Software Planning when this was developed).