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Full Name XenoGears Disc 2 of 2 [U] [SLUS-006.69].7z
Filesize 344.9 MB
Region USA
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XenoGears Disc 2 of 2 is the thrilling continuation of one of the most acclaimed RPGs for the PSX system. This game takes you on a journey through an epic sci-fi world filled with complex characters and intricate storytelling. With our website, you can easily download the ROM for XenoGears Disc 2 of 2 and play it on your PC. Experience the immersive world of XenoGears without the need for a PSX console. Download the XenoGears Disc 2 of 2 ROM now and continue your adventure.


i got to the part of the game wherein the characters fight an alien life form from a glass tube, eventually during the fight, the alien attacks my characters on battle phase then suddenly the game went hung, even if i load the game again, the same result comes out, what should i do?. Please help, wanna end this game, please.
i give it a 10 out of 10 and i had the game 3 times and my lil bros keep scarathin it up but it worth buyin and im buyin it again off line well worth the money if u ask me never seen a game like never will top notch rpg they should remake that game for ps3 same story just better graphic if they know whats best dont change a thing u cant improve on perfection, the fighting styles of each character so many differnt moves and robots too amazing i even seen fei turn into id as he is fighting on foot that was a suprise to me i did not know that could happen if u have not find those secrets ur not done yet. if u have not see it check youtube it was in the start of the game an citan was with him and he turn into id during the fight.
Awesome game all-around, but disc 2 itself failed a bit on the story-telling, I guess it was because it was rushed (they didn't have the time to actually finish the game as they wanted to because of deadlines).
xenosaga was retched in my opinion.. and i wouldn't agree that xenogears has any 'close' ties to the history in the old testament/jewish scriptures. anyway, that's completely beside the point here. lastly, from what i remember, breath of fire 3 was the crown jewel of the series and the rest were just pretty good. i'm not flaming, just my opinion. this is, as trevah said, probably in the top 10 greatest rpgs ever made for any console. the story itself (though the translators did miss a few typos here and there) is spectacular. it doesn't scream 'originality' but the way it is delivered deserves top marks. it has a beautiful soundtrack. although the game doesn't focus primarily on non-stop battling, the active/combo system is really fun. character development is pretty interesting too as you try to unlock new deathblow abilities and such. finally what really brings it all together is that you constantly switch between hand-to-hand combat and doing battle in 'Gears' (i.e. the giant robots). anyway, awesome game 9/10
Great RPG game
I only wish that it where an anime of this game, xenosaga was good but not too much
Haha...XenoJesus.. ^_^
Great game and a must for rpg fans
Hahahahahaha. You've got it wrong, it's XenoJews, look at the plot Doesn't mean it doesn't whoop a whole lot of ass, though.
Might as well call it ChristianityGears, or maybe XenoJesus.
This game is prolly one of the best rpgs in a console... I mean the breath of fire series was a little better I thought story line wize but this game takes the cake for most other rpgs