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Full Name XenoGears Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-006.64].7z
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nice game :)
this is the best game rpg .
I LOOOOOOVE THIS GAME!!!! Woooo!!!! I own it since I had my PS1 and just keep on replaying it. Unluckily, I haven't finished it yet. I never wanted to battle the last boss 'cause I'm lazy to do it... Hahahaha!!!
2Dam, you have it backwards. The Final Fantasy series is over-rated, Xenogears was a true innovator in storyline and battles. You can't beat the storyline, for sure. A great classic.
I enjoyed playing this game, but it is a bit too overrated for my taste. I mean common it is a mediocre title, but it has nothing compared to what Final Fantasy titles have to offer.
personally, i think this game is awesome, I wouldn't mind buying it at all. as regarding the freezing issues it kept dying on me at fei's dream scene, referring to epsxe if gpu settings fail, try pressing F7 and again after the crashy bits (according to some sources, unconfirmed yet. haven't tried it. Alternatively use the debug room (using PEC) to skip the dodgy bits check this link for more info - this has translations for the japanese txt used in it
yeah it works fine. just use epsexe 1.7.0 then use peops soft driver 1.11 as video(actually, i use it with psx emulation cheater 2.5) then play this game and finished like me. i'm already beat this game 7 times
If xenogears is freezing before the first gear battle and your getting an error and your using epsxe emu then switch to psx emu
@ Veriselle first save state in the point where it will freeze so you don't have to go back, then try to tweak your video plug-ins, i use Pete's opengl2 2.9 with shaders, and all my games run smooth.
I got some problem here the cutscene wont play on the event after fey met elly in blackmoon forest the display is just like this
i must download emulator epsxe 1.13 in for play this game
try alcocohol120% just the trial version google can burn then..