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Full Name WCW vs. The World [U] [SLUS-00455].7z
Filesize 353.9 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Step into the wrestling ring with WCW vs. The World on PSX. This classic game features an extensive roster of professional wrestlers, including fan-favorites such as Hollywood Hogan and Sting. Players can experience the thrill of the fight with easy to pick-up controls, smooth animations, and intense gameplay. The game also offers a variety of game modes, including tournament and tag team matches, keeping players engaged for hours. Download the ROM and play this legendary game on your PC today.


Gr8 Game I ever Seen In psx
Great download my only gripe is no background game music 9/10
Fairly good game. *Edit* Why is the second picture preview from WCW/nWo Revenge???
hey how do you make it an eboot file?
Classic game, just the beginning of many great wrestling games to come out in the years to come (not counting WCW Thunder Mayhem or Backstage Assault)
sweet game, one of the games that made me get into wrestling games. one of the first psx games i played actually. 10/10