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Full Name Vandal Hearts II [U] [SLUS-00940].7z
Filesize 92.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Vandal Hearts II is a turn-based tactical RPG for the PSX system. The game features an immersive storyline, engaging characters and unique gameplay mechanics. With the ability to download the ROM, players can now experience this classic game on their PC. Join your favorite characters, unravel the mysteries and engage in epic battles across a variety of different landscapes. Don't miss out on the chance to experience Vandal Hearts II all over again!


This is an awesome game, I've looked everywhere for a copy that works with PSXfin, but the protection is getting in the way (I'm trying this copy). Anyway, this game is worth the points. If you enjoy this genre of RPG, I recommend Final Fantasy Tactics, but this games movement system makes it so fun! This games movement does make it challenging at times, but it really makes the game fun. I also love the ability to transfer a weapons abilities into another weapon. the graphics are about the only problem.
Finaly I can play it again after my PSX is gone for years. I never play VH1... but I heard it is better than VH2. Is that right? If it is so, why is that?
Real Review O_o: V.H. is a good game for its time. Pro. easy to understand, simple battle system, nice story Con. Graphics,and beside main character every one(but mages and priest) can only attack
it was a really good game.
He He Vandal Hearts is awesome! anyway a new one is on X-Box Live arcade :p
Works fine, the history looks a worst copy of the first game, but thats okay because i love Vandal Hearts, i have just ONE problem, in the battle, when i send my players, the game stop, and cut the scene of the walk, and reappears with all the players in their new places..... maybe this is the configuration of the video, i don't now...... OH YEAH! i missing Dojo! the evolution in DOJO its ever a grand surprise!
its an ok game
Never played the second Vandal Hearts. don`t know why. The first one is great. I should check it out.
Best Tactical games ever played, great types of armor to choose from and finaly something that dont limit character class you can be anythin and a big + both you and the enemy attack at the same time
Still downloading...
It's taking me over an hour to extract the file. I've tried and cancelled two other times. I'm just gonna wait this out and see what happens. Did anybody else have this problem? Btw I have the new macbook, so I have the power and speed
It gets stuck at the Konami for me