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Full Name Valkyrie Profile Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-01156].7z
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It's a great game but far from perfect. On the pro side: It's innovative. It has an engaging fighting mechanic and game progression. Awesome sound effects, voice and music. On the against side: Clumsy skill system, althought very unique. It misses a real compelling story, because the various side stories are shallow and don't add too much flavor to the big story. Overall score: 8.0
One of the best game i wanted to finished badly
This game is great and even after all these years I consider it one of the best RPGs.
Great game from enix.. nice FMV, multiple endings, and quite unique world system
Because you rate game quality, not how well your emulator runs it...
One of my favorite games and one of the most difficult to find when the psx was still around.
This would be my favorite Enix game I've played. Wonderful story telling, like Square, but the gameplay is solid and polished, unlike Square.