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Full Name Twisted Metal [U] [SCUS-94304].rar
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Twisted Metal is a vehicular combat game for the PSX that immerses players in a world of mayhem and destruction. With a variety of different vehicles to choose from, players can smash, shoot, and ram their way through a multitude of challenges and adversaries. Those looking to experience this classic game on their PC can download the Twisted Metal PSX ROM from our website and enjoy all of the high-octane action that this game has to offer. Get ready to wreak havoc on the competition with Twisted Metal for PSX.


No music on this ISO.
I'm a huge fan of the Twisted Metal series. I've played every one of them except for the first one so I thought I'd give it a try. It's pretty great for the first game. I have some glitches happening with the game and I'm not sure if it's because of the download messed up or what? At the main menu, all it says is "Twisted Metal". It doesn't offer a selection screen that says something like "One Player", "Two Player", and "Options" like a normal Twisted Metal game. Is that supposed to happen or no?
Twisted Metal In your face carnage car combat at its best. This game and its first sequal are the best PSX games made to date. Many people buy the origonal PSX or a PS2 just for the first 2 Twisted Metal games. This one had blocky graphics compared to its squeals however its textures are honestly nicer. This is by far the hardest Twisted Metal game to date. 12 Cars all with sad text format endings do to name change. The videos are all but lost on youtube and if you watch them you will find the reason they removed the live videos is because the name used wich was high octane which is spoken several times and with a game released with the name high octane they coult not use the origonal auido and also had to rename it to Twisted Metal. I personally like the New name but the adition of the videos would have been great. Only if they made this game for PC as they did Twisted Metal 2. How sad!
A timeless game, great fun alone, even better with friends
Fun crazy car carnage :D
Clowns in ice cream vans Devils in Trucks ghosts in luxury sports cars, its crazy and it can only happen in Twisted metal, a very nice game for its own time, i give it a 9/10.
Getting to play this game like old days is awsome, one crazy clown driver in an ice cream truck= old days kids heave. and the quality is also good for the fact this game is ancient, i can still see and read everything, plus the music never skips
Fun 4 about 2 seconds its realy is from the erly days of the now realy ond psx but for a first game in the series it is ok entertaning