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Full Name Twisted Metal - Small Brawl [U] [SCUS-94642].7z
Filesize 181.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Twisted Metal - Small Brawl, originally released for the PSX, is a vehicular combat game that offers an exciting gameplay experience. This fast-paced title invites players to select from an eclectic cast of characters and battle across a variety of miniature locations filled with obstacles and hazards. With the ability to download and access the ROM of the game, players can easily take on their opponents on their PC for an immersive experience. Download Twisted Metal - Small Brawl today and join the mayhem!


Nice game..
Calypso: You think I'm afraid of a silly water pistol? Agent Stone: No... but SHE is. -shoots water at cat-
will this work on the ds
it's a very good game indeed. out of the gloomy and deadly atmosphere form Twisted Metal 1 to 4 (especially 1 and 2, with 2 being the best of the PSX era) anyway, sorry for the bad english (I'm from Brazil), but Small Brawl is a very amusing game, i would recommend it as an introduction to the Twisted Metal world.
i love this game i remember i unlocked mime, trapper and piecemeal
TW IN RC CARS! this is fun love the mini-golf arena.oh and funny endings, especially Agent Stone(Crimson Fury), Mr.Grimm, Officer Robert (outlaw), Mortimer (shadow), Spectre Especially that one, Sweet Tooth, Twister and Warthog.
Is it worth downloadin
Man i used to love this game. But it gets really repititive.