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Full Name Twisted Metal 4 [U] [SCUS-94560].7z
Filesize 570.1 MB
Region USA
Downloads 121416
Can Download No



This game is really one of the best game on playstation in fact all the series was the best games ever
Am I need to burn disc at once or disc at once/96 with Nero 8 ?? Sorry for bad english.
I love this game its the best game ever well the best one if you dont want to buy a 50 dollar game for PS3
This game is freaking cool! You just end up being in a huge ring shotting up cars with guns. My favorite weapon is the nuke. Over all I like this game a lot everyone should play it. This is a very good game. this is awesome.
This game is teh awesome. Love the dude who shoots 3 missles, and the police car...
this game is EPIC! pure ownage
nice game thanks alot
this game needs more than 600 points... but it's a lot of fun to play this... just beat this in 1 day ( with load state of course :P )
very good game i love it
Thanks--lost orig disc, was glad to see it here. Great game! Wasn't able to complete download, though---stopped part way through three times. Will try again later.
please ive got the psp version but TM4 is steal the graetest game for me
LOL, THE CRAZIEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!!! If you have never tried Twisted metal series , you really don't know what you are missing! Love the graphics and the gameplay, its lots of fun!