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Full Name Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 [U] [SLUS-01066].7z
Filesize 459.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2" was a revolutionary game for the PSX system, known for providing an immersive skateboarding experience. Players can relive the glory days of the X Games by performing amazing tricks, combos, and grinds on iconic locations, including the Warehouse and the School. For fans of the original, the game offers more customisation options for the skaters, including their clothing and appearance. With the ability to download the game ROM, gamers can easily enjoy this classic title on their PC and experience the thrill of street skating like never before.


forever one of the best games!!! and soundtracks!!!!
This game is amazing! This and the first Pro Skateboarding games are th eonly ones I ever really played, but man did I play them! Loaded with content, masses single and multiplayer goodness!
Greatest Tony Hawk's game to date. I spent many an hours in this game ^^
This is the only version of the Tony Hawk games I ever played, and I never felt the need to buy another one. 2 player mode was fun, too. Love this game.
This is the best Tony Hawk game in the series and IMO has the best Soundtrack!
I have this game for Ps. Its a really fun game :). Thnx for uploading this.
awesome game, woohoo for posting it!
I really love this game it is just great. But an even better one is tony hawk pro skater 3 i wish it was on here too!
Great Game!, the best in the tony hawk series I think.
I must upload the German version =) ill do it soon i have the disc anywhere :P
Best Tony hawk Game Ever!
The Best for PSX!! I grew up with these Tony Hawk Games! BIG ups for this game!