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Full Name Tomba! [U] [SCUS-94236].7z
Filesize 140.9 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Tomba! is a classic PSX game that captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. This platformer features vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay as you navigate through levels, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles. With our easy download, you can enjoy Tomba! on your PC without any additional hardware. Explore the whimsical world of Tomba! and relive the nostalgia of this beloved game. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play Tomba! today with our convenient ROM download.


hay is this an ISO file or a ROM file
As almost everyone here I also had a demo. It also had Kula World on the disk. It was very hard to find ISO for it and I couldn't make my own. I had a black bottom CD. So It's finally time to see what this game actually is.
I use to play the demo of this at hills always wanted to play the full game never got the chance thanks a ton
i would love to play this, but i have a little tech problem. everytime i load it and play it i cannot see any text in the game, it all comes up as big red blank boxes does anyone know what i can do about this?
I absolutely love this game. Like a lot of the people commenting, I also had it as a demo. Also haven't finished. Downloaded it a while ago for that purpose, but... I guess I got completely lost after the area where the demo finishes. XD
yeah i remember having the demo of this game as a young kid and i finally found it again, thank youu romulation.
HAHAHA lol im not the only one that remembers it from a demo i see anyway this is a really fun game and brings back some good memories :]
Oh my god I remember playing this as a demo. This has to be the best PS1 game ever. I always played it on demo. I would spend hours on end on my PS1 just playing 1 demo. Amazing game. Ten out of ten! This is awesome! I recommend it to everyone who has lots of spare time on their hand, because it's incredibly hard to get off it!
@mikelanglois: what do you mean is this the same? it is tombi, the exact same game. and by the way someone else it is a ISO not a ROM
i had the demo too!!! wow! I forgot how I got it..
3 month... ich searched 3 month.. ive given up all hope yesterday and now i found this GAME ! i Love it :D
lol i had the demo too! but i never got to play the full version..... but i finally can! yaaaaaaaay!