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Full Name Tomb Raider [Greatest Hits] [U] [SLUS-00152].7z
Filesize 351.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Discover the breathtaking adventure of Tomb Raider on PSX. Follow Lara Croft on her quest for lost artifacts, solving puzzles, fighting dangerous enemies and exploring breathtaking locations. With our download option, you can enjoy the classic game on your PC using a ROM. Experience the excitement and nostalgia of Tomb Raider, now available to play on your computer.


Download ecm tools to make the game work-thrust me. just drag 'n' drop the tomb raider file on the ecm aplication & wait for the processing. enjoy!
Forget that last comment. the game wont run as an iso. you have to load it using something like MagicDisc or a similar program. works great now.
I tried this game on multiple settings. It wouldn't load past the start game menu.
Well, well, the very beginning. This game blew me and millions away at the time...the music was so atmospheric, the puzzles were well thought out...I may have slept a couple hours a night! Suppose the rest was yet to come from Miss Croft...