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Full Name Tomb Raider [Greatest Hits] [U] [SLUS-00152].7z
Filesize 351.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Discover the breathtaking adventure of Tomb Raider on PSX. Follow Lara Croft on her quest for lost artifacts, solving puzzles, fighting dangerous enemies and exploring breathtaking locations. With our download option, you can enjoy the classic game on your PC using a ROM. Experience the excitement and nostalgia of Tomb Raider, now available to play on your computer.


can't get this one to run on android epsxe, crashes when i press start. bummer.
so many years have gone by... it has developed into a series with no compromise... and still those pointy breasts never cease to amaze
fun fun grew up with this game
I cant get this game to work as well... please help...
you realy miss lara croft go to trle,net and download many tomb raider games i swear
than you! :)
loved it
very good
is this the original tomb raider i know this is a noob comment but oh well :p
@ TheWarzone: can you please explain how to use Magic Disk to get this to work? I still can't get the game to load once I select "new game"
This is one of the best games ever!!! oohhhh Lara!!!
One of my favorite games from the past ahh... memories