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Full Name Thousand Arms Disc 1 of 2 [U] [SLUS-00845].7z
Filesize 391.3 MB
Region USA
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"Experience the exhilarating adventure of Thousand Arms Disc 1 of 2 on the PSX system. Join the protagonist Meis Triumph as he embarks on a journey to become a Master Forger, exploring vibrant lands filled with danger and opportunity. Download this classic RPG ROM and join forces with unforgettable characters to defeat menacing enemies and uncover the secrets of the Thousand Arms. Get ready to immerse yourself in a thrilling fantasy world with Thousand Arms Disc 1 of 2 on your PC today."


Help please, the game freezes when you transport to Jyabil's house after you faint when you help Sodina get rid of the 4 thugs. Please help I'm not yet playing much of the game so again please help.
hi, this game is excellent!, although the graphics of the characters are poorly delineated movement, the excitement generated by the story and also what is funny, very addicting.
the problem i have is i got disc 2 of this game, but now i cant play it. anyone have a suggestion on how to start on the second disc?
To Erik I have the game freeze on me like that as well but I did get past it however. the trick is to kill the her as quickly as possible. I mean use fire bottles or whatever bottles you have and aquoon as well. I mean basically just dish out as much damage as quickly as possible. I had to reload my game like 3 times before I got past it.
Looks good, any games like this one?
The game isnt corrupt just follow what tyjan said and change it to eternal spu sound plugin if u guys are wondering where to get it at just type it on youtube and then extract it then put in the plugin folder on ur psx
I really want to play this so I'm going to try it out.
I've played it already on the ps1 console twice but it's really a good classic game.
It works fine. If you guys mean that it freezes when you play it at, say, Jyabils when he's working on his sword with Jyabil's hammer, just switch to the Eternal SPU sound plugin, people. Simple as that. The game works fine. I'm 5 hours in and enjoying it.
The game is not really corrupted , you just need to use another psx emulator .
I hope the game works.... This is one game i have always wanted to try. This game was featured in a old GameFan magazine with two other JRPG's, "Suikoden II and Xenogears". I got those but didn't have the $$ to get "Thousand arms". I don't regret the decision today.
I enjoyed this game as a kid when it first was released. From what I remember, the only flaw I found in the game is the battle system.. Where you have 3 characters, 1 attacking and 2 supporting. Until either the character is ko'ed or you choose to relieve the first attacker and then you are down to 1 attacking and 1 supporting and you can imagine what happens next. The dating aspect of the game is fun and is recommended to play through just to hear the voice acting of it's time. It is not absolutely necessary to be a master pimp and have all the girls on your nuts, but it certainly does help in battles. Overall, it was a innovative game for its time. Flaws here and there, but none the less still worth playing if you can get through the tedious battles.