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Full Name Theme Hospital [U] [SLUS-00275].7z
Filesize 110.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Theme Hospital" is a classic simulation game that was released for the PSX system. Players take on the role of a hospital administrator and must manage various departments to treat a variety of comical ailments. To experience this nostalgic gem on your PC, download the ROM and relive the quirky humor and challenging gameplay that made "Theme Hospital" a fan favorite.


Yeah im on a massive search for the game now cause that ones not working and a lot of the links ive found have been deleted ill try and find a good one and let you guys know
Callum Isn't R4 a DS flashcard? This is a Ps1 Game
What you people using cause im using r4 and it dosent work
I've the same problem...
I downloaded it..and just cant open it screen freezes when electronic art logo comes..i ve tried 4 video 4 sound 4 cdrom plugin but cant fix my problem there gives an error bla bla file cant opened..there can be something wrong with this game i took 110 points damn