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Full Name Theme Hospital [U] [SLUS-00275].7z
Filesize 110.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Theme Hospital" is a classic simulation game that was released for the PSX system. Players take on the role of a hospital administrator and must manage various departments to treat a variety of comical ailments. To experience this nostalgic gem on your PC, download the ROM and relive the quirky humor and challenging gameplay that made "Theme Hospital" a fan favorite.


can you please tell me how to work this game?,... T.T all the games i have downloaded works, this game is the only one doesn't work can you please tell me how to make the game run smooth
i have download tis game bt can't play it... tis is a ps1 game right... den wad sld i do to play it...
I downloaded this and it works for me. i use pcsx. love this game!
can any one that is playing this game mind telling me your config?
Wow..very great i can play this game like theme problem to me..
great, but confusing
its good i can play the theme hospital it is working ^_^
hey yall stop using an out dated emulator. psx 1 13 doesnt run on plug in files so it will come through all the time. Idk on this game or not im just sayin in general and its way easier to configure
SOO amazing have this on PC
I try using P.E.Op.S softdriver 1.8, and it working
Works perfectly for me, don't tell people not to download if you can't configure your emulator properly.
There is one out there for psxeven i just dont like that emulator on psxe i use my 360 controler i couldnt seem to configure the other to even read it as a gamepad was lame but try looking for hospital tycoon