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Full Name Tenchu - Stealth Assassins [U] [SLUS-00706].7z
Filesize 349.0 MB
Region USA
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Tenchu - Stealth Assassins is a classic action-adventure game for the PSX that lets you become a skilled ninja assassin. The game features intricate stealth mechanics and challenging combat, as you navigate through levels filled with enemies and obstacles. Download the Tenchu - Stealth Assassins ROM to experience one of the most iconic games on the PSX, and relive the thrill of being a lethal ninja.


can you pass to may email please [email protected] becouse i want to play this game thanks
great game .thanks because download !! love tenchu more than my girlfren . hahahaha . ill be dead if my girlfriend sees this .. haha. thanks again .!!!
Good game, I still play this title and I recommended this game ;)
it's so good, that i finished it again with both characters at highest rank. i mean, what other game can force you to do it after all those years :)
This game was great for the console it came on. graphics were pretty cool. Plus it's a ninja game! Those were the good days running around slicing necks. Great game, a must have for people who like ninja's and good games.
yearh rikimaru!so cool
I was so sad and upset when my original Tenchu game CD was scratched. Finally I can play this game!
Rikimaru from DOTA :)
This one's a classic, the 2nd one blowed and was a quick game for more money >:( *throws up on 2nd one*
I remember playing this game with my brothers... I was King!!! untill the last level... i actually had to use the life code... with a single point of life left to beat it... so close to dying. BUT THE GAME ROCKED!!!
I love tenchu series ~.~ though i only played 4 +not sure how many tenchu there are+ ~.~ 2 in psx and 2 in ps2 ~.~
This download doesn't work -.-