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Full Name Team Buddies [U] [SLUS-00869].7z
Filesize 233.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Team Buddies is an action-packed and entertaining video game that is available on PSX. This game features a robust and engaging gameplay that challenges players to work as a cohesive team to accomplish their objectives. With engaging challenges and entertaining scenarios, players can enjoy playing through the game's many levels. Additionally, it offers a unique multiplayer experience where players can compete against each other via LAN or internet connection. To access this exciting game, users can download the ROM onto their PC and start playing today!


Um the download link is messed up can some1 help me
Can't ask a game better than this!!!!
Yeah! This game is so fun !!
This game is great !
And a lot of weapons and skins, but I hate the time limit mode.
Yeah, this game is a classic. it's a great party game where you can just get a few players together and blow each other up in nonstop action
This is a awesome game , its kinda like worms meets lemmings with a side of hogs of war add in the puzzle aspect and you have a great game also the remind me of those crazy "BEAN" things that have been out for a couple years or so.