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Full Name Team Buddies [U] [SLUS-00869].7z
Filesize 233.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Team Buddies is an action-packed and entertaining video game that is available on PSX. This game features a robust and engaging gameplay that challenges players to work as a cohesive team to accomplish their objectives. With engaging challenges and entertaining scenarios, players can enjoy playing through the game's many levels. Additionally, it offers a unique multiplayer experience where players can compete against each other via LAN or internet connection. To access this exciting game, users can download the ROM onto their PC and start playing today!


This game crashes as soon the loading screen comes up dont bother checking other sites cuz i did and the same results smh my childhood down the drain might as well get it for ps1
Criminally underrated game this, got a copy when i was a child (quite how i was allowed it with that big foul language label on the front is beyond me) but it was the most played game by me and my friends for years I dont think anything comes close to the style of gameplay found in this, its addictive, fun and hilarious
The fastest way to finish the game is build your own weapon first, then build your buddies(if you start with no buddies). Next is destroy your enemy and let your buddies help with build the next buddies.
Great game. I use epsxe emulator to play it. it s totally work on emulator
guys.. what other application do it needs??? and can someone who played this game post the steps on how to install this? or rather play this??
Finally I got this game. So far, team buddies I downloaded is not working. Is this one working?
Is it goes blank while loading? Or i am the only one who had this problem.. I can't play it.. Unfortunate me..
I Love you SO much! This was my favorite game as a kid!
Man is this actually a PSX ROM iso? The file seems awkward for an NTSC or PAL... Still downloading though ... 3 minutes remaining... man downloading this sure is slow I'm already downloading it for the past 10 minutes and still it's 3 minutes left ~huff huff~.
pretty big for ps1. ive been searching for this game on ebay and 1 billion other sites for years! thankyou!
I remember playing the demo for this game. It's extremely underrated. I'll definitely be glad to DL this.
It's a good game . we can makes weapons, allies. it's fun