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Full Name Tales of Destiny [U] [SLUS-00626].7z
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I find these tales of games very: interesting,well-made and fun.(by fun I mean the scenes; you know, like the one in Tales of Phantasia at Arlee's Inn and the one in White Birch Forest *blush* ha ha hah) maybe this is better than Phantasia but that's UNLIKELY (HAVEN'T PLAYED YET) but it's not all about the action (mechanics) for me a good story line is key If you love the "Tales of series" I'd Recommend you download. the button's up there PRESS IT! no one's watching :) with the joke aside try it
I couldn't get very far in the game because the voices were getting on my nerves. :(
I love the Tales Of games they are just wonderful experience you need to play them if you have a PS2 i seriously suggest you to play "Tales Of The Abyss" if you have a 360 go with "Tales Of Vesperia" not as awewsome as Abyss but it is still good.
I'd like to note that the second screen shot it not from this game. The second screen shot is Tales of Phantasia, which is why some of you may have been confused. This story is entirely different from Phantasia and feature none of the same characters, albeit being made by the same company and having very similar game-play.
The ova of this is after the game.Still a good game for its time.
already finished the second series, that's why I want to try the first one. It's a pretty Cool and time consuming game(which is why I like it!)with an interesting story(a story worth for an Anime series or OVA), can't wait to play it!
Stan aileron
great game time for me to give it another go the battle system is superb
i love all tales series :-*
This is my fave tales of the series =) Stahn, Rutee hehe was so shock when they release the real Tales of Destiny 2 Son of Stahn and Rutee, but the Tales of Destiny II release in PSX i think its title should be Tales of Phantasia
Thank you sir, this was hard to find.