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Full Name Tales of Destiny II Disc 2 of 3 (Tales of Eternia) [U] [SLUS-01367].7z
Filesize 250.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I love that game.. very good ^^
I'm having the same problem as lichtenstien01 is having.. What do I do? It's with loading Tales of Destiny II - Disc 2.. It says, "Checking disc. Please wait." Any ideas? (0..o)
im having trouble loading aswell. it takes ages to load. help please
Is there anyone can help how can I run the disc 2 in psx Tales of Destiny what should I do? I change when its need the disc 2 after they entered in celestial, after there conversation end there. I rejected the disc 1 then put the disc 2 its kinda ages to load the disc 2, should I wait of it?.
Great Game.
use a new plugin --pete's psx gpu version 1.54 if you have problem in aifish.and this game is awesome
same problem with bymowise and bluedemon95.can't see anything when use there a way to fix this?
erm, this game, why i cant find menu inside, i cannot see the status of character, press what key to open the menu??
where is the 3 out of 3 disc? i cant find it lol
When using the Aifish, your whole screen is black except for your map. It's really annyoing.
If anyone has a problem like darkwolf at the top, then try extracting a file onto the desktop or a file on the desktop.
I ask a password for tales of destiny 2 part 1, 2, 3 because i can't extrax this file..please give me a password games that...thanks