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Full Name Tales of Destiny II Disc 2 of 3 (Tales of Eternia) [U] [SLUS-01367].7z
Filesize 250.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Tales of Destiny II Disc 2 of 3 is an exciting RPG game that takes place in a wondrous world full of magic and adventure. With beautiful graphics and engrossing gameplay, players will immerse themselves in a story filled with drama, action, and intrigue. The game is available for download on PSX platform and can be played seamlessly using ROMs that are easily accessible online. Let the epic journey begin with Tales of Destiny II Disc 2 of 3 on your PC today!


I love that game.. very good ^^
I'm having the same problem as lichtenstien01 is having.. What do I do? It's with loading Tales of Destiny II - Disc 2.. It says, "Checking disc. Please wait." Any ideas? (0..o)
im having trouble loading aswell. it takes ages to load. help please
Is there anyone can help how can I run the disc 2 in psx Tales of Destiny what should I do? I change when its need the disc 2 after they entered in celestial, after there conversation end there. I rejected the disc 1 then put the disc 2 its kinda ages to load the disc 2, should I wait of it?.
Great Game.
use a new plugin --pete's psx gpu version 1.54 if you have problem in aifish.and this game is awesome
same problem with bymowise and bluedemon95.can't see anything when use there a way to fix this?
erm, this game, why i cant find menu inside, i cannot see the status of character, press what key to open the menu??
where is the 3 out of 3 disc? i cant find it lol
When using the Aifish, your whole screen is black except for your map. It's really annyoing.
If anyone has a problem like darkwolf at the top, then try extracting a file onto the desktop or a file on the desktop.
I ask a password for tales of destiny 2 part 1, 2, 3 because i can't extrax this file..please give me a password games that...thanks