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Full Name Tales of Destiny II Disc 1 of 3 (Tales of Eternia) [U] [SLUS-01355].7z
Filesize 223.5 MB
Region USA
Downloads 165199
Can Download No



The best game ever! I had played this game before until finish and now I want to play it again and again...recommended to all gamers. ^^
Awesome rpg game! A Must-play!
Nostalgia. I'm playing this great game again. :3
love this game very much. one of the most great rpg ever
I love this game and thanks for the download. I am having a big problem with this download however. This is the 3rd time I try to play through the first CD and every time I get to Chambard, City of Scorched Land, I can't do anything because there are these HUGE black horizontal bands (which i am assuming is the sand storm) blocking my view of the entire screen, and the gameplay is EXTREMELY slow. Is there any way to fix this?!?!
this is awesome rpg i ever played
i love the tales series!
"All should pay homage to romulation! These guys are true saints and keepers of gaming, i play epsxe games more than my xbox360 sometimes".
With which which programm did you burn those images? I used Roxio burning programm but The game won't run after I insert the CDs into my psx.
this multiplayer?
Do only I hav a bug in hot area ?
best game, improved a lot from the previous.