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Full Name Star Ocean - The Second Story [U][NTSC-U] Disc 2 of 2 [SCUS-94422].7z
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Best Role play game EVER!! And Final Fantasy 6 (or is it Final Fantasy 3 on SNES)
WARNING!!! Highly Addictive Awesome Game!!! I,myself am hopelessly addicted. May as well enter a twelve step program.... No,seriously dudes... A must have for any Role Playing Game fan. Released in 1999,it remains timeless today,even with play station three's and xbox three sixty's. Huge game with over eighty endings! Every thing you can think of and more.This is one of those games that'll cause you to lose your job or even marital problems WHO HA HA HA HA! Be sure to grab an online guide as well to help explain its expansive universe. I just down loaded the second disk and boy, I feel like I just got paid, though im not gonna go off and mess up.... hahaha. GET IT NOW!!!!!
This game is AWESOME!!! its better than Final fantasy FTW! Thumbs up if im right
Crappy dialogue...
Duvalier is absolutely right. I have played Final fantasy 3 through 9 plus all three versions of tactics, not even one of them come close to how awesome this game is. Great battle system, great characters, great story, and great graphics (for a psone title).
Greatest game EVER!
The Amazing second half of one of the PSX most overlooked Gems. Try it try it try it!! Star Ocean II blows Final Fantasy VII and VIII straight out of the ballpark.