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Full Name Star Ocean - The Second Story [U][NTSC-U] Disc 1 of 2 [SCUS-94421].7z
Filesize 291.1 MB
Region USA
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Lol working for ds the ds cant handle the awesomeness of the this game it's pretty good nice story line and pretty cool cinamatics
@saisree Note the PSX infront of Star Ocean. Obviously, It won't work for the DS....
Does this work for ds?
This game is in my top 5 best RPG games, love it! So much to do, good story and characters, the battles are hectics and total fun!
Is this rpg really that good??
Great RPG!
This game has good fighting style, character designs and story, not bad for a ps1 game! wooooohooooooooo!
The Game Has A good storyline and a lot of very interesting features. I would recommend this game to RPG fans!
This game is pretty good!! i'd love the story and its fighting style
I like this game I like it's gameplay but I couldn't get mario as a character...
A really great game with an awesome fighting system, story and gameplay. 5+
Im surprised, this is a great RPG. Lots of people are missing out here.