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Full Name Star Ocean - The Second Story [U][NTSC-U] Disc 1 of 2 [SCUS-94421].7z
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Region USA
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great story, great game
Best RPG In PS even all time =p
This is by far the best RPG I've ever played in my life. Hands-down. Although, I will say that as soon as it hit the PS2 with Star Ocean: Til The End Of Time, it went waaay downhill. There's no comparison between Second Story and its successors. Get this game NOW.
One the most greatest RPG's I've ever played.
I have this game for the ps2 except its Star Ocean: Till the End of TIme.... Well i borrowed it, not bad i guess. Never finished it though.
I discovered this game through VP... and whoa.. alot of you says this is a good game... better try it out...
*Loves the game* How can I play it!? D= My friend had this exact game for the PSOne. But lost it.... That was some years ago.. Very great game people.. Although I remember it in fuzziness I still remember it's one of the best games for the play station... Well all star ocean's are great ;D just like Final Fantasy.
opps great game!!!
okay here for those who want information: greatest thing unique about this game that others doesn't have is the BATTLE SYSTEM!!! the moves, skills (lv up too n they look TIGHT! NOT CRAPPY!) roam around and got nice voicing of the characters and the music just moves...YOU!!! THATS enough to get u to dl the game now!!! its my 1st on the list of RPG I PLAYED FF7, 8, Legaia, Valkyrie (didn't finish), Saga Frontier (didnt finish), Grand turismo! n various other EPIC RPG GAMES!!! and this is my greatest!!! so try it PLEASE!!! other great things about this game: skills for weapons fighting and skills for knowledge: art, mechanical skills, herbal medicine, skills with animal! skills that make the game INTERESTING!!! (if i were to explain it it would take a whole page!!!) skill for stealing RARE ITEMS FROM PEOPLE OF The WHOLE GAME!!! ALMOST ALL THE people in the game u SEE u can STEAL!!! (99%) HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! 0_0 IT HAS MANY SIDEQUESTS, HAS PRIVATE ACTIONS to build personal relationship btw characters, earn items from it too! has like over 10 characters u can choose!!! and most of them are BREATH-TAKING!!! phew!!! it has VOICE COLLECTION!!! you dont have to stick with the storyline and force to do things! u can go to diff places where u arnt supposed to and earn items n many great features then come back to the storyline n continue!!! wow!!! the bosses in the game are TIGHT!!!! U CAN CREATE WEAPONS IN THE GAME!!! it has EFFECTS TOO EVEN from items!!! MANY EFFECTS: star shooting from ur weapons, auto healing, and mana too, recover after dead! move faster! many more!!! ah!!! lOL im not crazy but dang! this is a long description!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol this game is kinda realistic too!!! which is fun!!! TO ALL YALL FANS, yall know wat i mean! lol ni hao!!!
5 stars out of five!!! (I POST IT 3 TIMES SO I HAVE TO CHANGE IT LOL)
Wonderful game, insane amounts of content. If you just want to beat the game, I would just focus on the combat-only skills. I on the otherhand, messed around with cooking and bought a wine bottle and kept it to raise its value. Funnything is, I never sold the bottle.
They have a remake for the psp right?