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Full Name Star Ocean - The Second Story [U][NTSC-U] Disc 1 of 2 [SCUS-94421].7z
Filesize 291.1 MB
Region USA
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"Experience the adventure of Star Ocean - The Second Story on your PC with our PSX ROM download. Join the protagonists, Claude and Rena, on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the planet Expel. This classic role-playing game offers a rich storyline, dynamic battle system, and stunning graphics. Download the PSX ROM now and relive the magic of this timeless classic on your computer."


great game, great storyline, the prequels doesnt match up... T_T
one of the bests rpg for psx , nice story, great battle system ,this is the one what i know who has lv 255 as max WOW ! ,and you should watch the star ocean anime too lol
Great game, terrible voices XD
my favorite rpg game!!! i miss it so much!
I recently played this game and I am surprized that it was kind of a disappointment for three reasons: 1) Regular attacks of each character lacked variety and moves. 2) The number of enemies was just to annoying on the higher levels. 3) Why did the developers have to make the final boss so difficult?
All the things said about this game...good true. =P Never got to finish it before someone stole it years ago but ive played Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Star Ocean: The Last Hope and both are among my favorites. Only series ive ever like enough to rival the Final Fantasy Series (My personal fav series of all).
Hope I dont get lost on this one like the 360 verson
It's a fun game... but the GS codes aren't working for me.... But fun really.
I can finish this game in 30 Hours of gameplay. To rank up your character until level 100, it is easy enough if you have copying skill and Forged Medal (Need only 3 hours or less to get this level for all character). Also 1 battle will gain you 2 lv. How? Equip Dream Bracelet, use the Forged Medal, and put off the Dream Bracelet again (your exp should be 0 and you should get 2 lv instead of 1 lv in 1 battle). Well 20 Hours is enough for beating this game. I use 5 Hours more to explore the secret dungeon (Cave of Trials)
Easily the best RPG i have ever played (with the one exception of FF3(6) on the SNES) Amazing game! If you have a brain in your head you will download this and play it RIGHT NOW! Seriously it has everything you can want in an RPG and then tons more just for giggles. 80 endings and not getting all the characters (depending on choices you make) and also a system where your crew actually comes to like, or dislike you over time (depending on your choices again) make this game hugely replay-able. How many RPGs can you say have that kind of Replayability? 5/5, 10/10, 100/100, infinity/infinity (as corny as i have been, i really do get excited to the point of being giddy about this game)
Great game. It make me remember my childhood
great game. lots of people dont know about star ocean which is a shame because it is truely brilliant. i'd give this one a 8.5 because there is alot of room for improvement but none the less its is a high 8.5 for anyone not sure wether to download it or not, i would recomend that you get it :)