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Full Name Sim City 2000 [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00113].7z
Filesize 32.5 MB
Region USA
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Sim City 2000 is a classic city-building simulation game developed for the PSX. In this game, players use their creativity and strategy to design and manage their own metropolis. With realistic graphics and a broad range of options, players can manipulate every aspect of their city from budgeting to zoning. Download and play Sim City 2000 ROM on your PC to experience the classic gameplay that has captivated gamers for decades.


are pics no.1 is from GBA / NDS ?
worked fine for me, maybe they updated it since the first post
I like build building..and see when there grow up like ancient age into moden age..
well i haven't tried this one yet but if all else fails go here an dl snes and get that Sim city not as advanced as this one probably is but hey its fun =\
It costs nothing to download but every time i've downloaded it i got a bad iso. this is coming from an emulation master, so don't doubt me. if anyone else can get it to work, post a comment. this game is pretty sweet, way better than all these "Sims" games you got for pc and next gen nowadays. You get to create your own city just like the title implies obviously, sweet game.