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Full Name Silent Hill [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00707].7z
Filesize 240.6 MB
Region USA
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Silent Hill is a chilling horror game for the PSX system that immerses players in a suspenseful and atmospheric town haunted by malevolent beings. With its iconic soundtrack and unique gameplay mechanics, Silent Hill remains a beloved classic for horror aficionados. Download the ROM now to experience the dread and terror of exploring the cursed town of Silent Hill on your PC.


That Game Still Make Me Scared I m now 13 And Still Scared It Make Piss Myself
Damn , I got so spooked the first time I played it, after I finished it, I've never really played it again. Hate it when I can't sleep cause this horror thing sticks in your mind all the time!
this is soooooooooooooooo fuking scary :s
if you wanna know the mean of fear, this is the game to play
i love horror games and this is best
In Nightmares or "Reality" this game is easily the most terrifying on the ps1, and one word says it all: Nurses.
this game is the scariest game on the ps1. When i first played this game back when i was 5 i was absolutely terrified. Now the one that scares me is Silent Hill 3.
this is cool i played it before and it a bit hard
my friend loves this GAME (series!!!) SOOOOOO i want to try this out and i though id start with the first :) this scared me 2 death cos of the horror backgrounds but the enemies aren't scary anyways :)
A timeless masterpiece. nothing else is like it on the playstation. the voices are also good. don't like how not all are spoken but still a great and creepy game.
I think the fear is not from the actions and definitly not the graphics (yes..we all know PS1 graphics) but more so from the atmosphere created by the sound and music of the game. The storyline itself is haunting enough and not to mention the cutscenes with great CG (well..great CG for the PS at least)...and the multiple endings. Silent Hill is definitly the timeless classic and its horror capacity exceeded what we expect from the old PS1 system. ...that...and now everyone should play Silent Hill: The Room and Homecoming (^\_^)
A great game !