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Full Name Shadow Tower [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00863].7z
Filesize 124.2 MB
Region USA
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Dose anyone know why the game was labeled as "Shadow Tower (King's Field III)"? Sure it's a From Soft game, and has very similar (but also different) gameplay mechanics, but it has no connection to the King's Field series. Heck, it even lacks From Soft's signature: The Moonlight Sword.
this game looks like an old Elder scrolls almost very hard to start off though...
Way before it's time, this would have had killer gfx if it would have come out now. I bought this for $3 at game crazy 3 years ago and i don't think i will ever find another copy of it, well i did here!
Shadow Tower is a mix between RPG and FPS. But instead of guns, swords and magic. Just like King's Field, but without background songs. I never understand why this game (and kings field series) was always so bad rating.
Lol this game is classic and great because you have to work to make yourself walk faster fight better etc not to mention it steals your soul as you play >:D