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Full Name Saiyuki - Journey West [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-01381].7z
Filesize 205.8 MB
Region USA
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Saiyuki - Journey West is a classic turn-based strategy game for the PSX system. Join the monk Sanzo and his companions on a mystical journey to India, where they will face multiple challenges and powerful enemies. To fully appreciate this timeless storyline, it is essential to download the Saiyuki - Journey West ROM, which allows you to play the game on your PC. With its captivating story and engaging strategic gameplay, Saiyuki - Journey West is a must-play title for PSX enthusiasts and fans of the genre alike.


yups.. a chinesse story about journey to west *india* searching for Buddha's scrip.. maybe this game not so good, but for me and several people like me (budhist people) look like a quite fun can participate in that myth. ^_^v
the oen that game is fantastic. it's based in story chinese THE KING MONKEY SON GOKOU
This is a 100% perfect dump, as of! It's worth mentioning, because it's really hard to find a perfect dump.
This is a good game Tactic game, although verrry unbalance but still with the cool skills and sprites make it worth your time. Gouku SSG4 anyone lmao. Note. You characters at a certain point can unleash their summon like powers Gouku = Gigantic bad ass monkey/gorilla.
This looks remarkably similar FFT might have to give it a go