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Full Name SaGa Frontier II [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00933].7z
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SaGa Frontier II is a popular role-playing video game developed for the PSX system. The game is set in a 15th-century world where players can explore different regions, create characters, and battle enemies. To fully experience SaGa Frontier II, players can download the ROM and enjoy it on their PC. This download allows gamers to relive the classic PSX experience on their modern devices. With its captivating storyline, stunning graphics, and seamless gameplay, SaGa Frontier II is a must-play for any RPG fan.


The download link works
is work or not ? hoam. the link download is stuck in 35% >.< soobb
The soundtrack of this game is great. It sounds a lot like the Dewprism (Threads of Fate) soundtrack, and I hear the two composers of ToF and SF2 are good friends so it's no wonder. If you liked this game, try out ToF also by Squaresoft.
Easily one of the better games for the PS1. Like most other games from Squaresoft, the story is well-told and epic in proportions. The music composition by Masashi Hamauzu, I believe, is equal in quality to the soundtracks from the Final Fantasy series at the time, by Nobuo Uematsu. Really, this game can quite easily suck you in, and getting addicted can happen before you even know it's happened. I highly recommend it.
Its such a shame Unlimited SaGa sucked because this and the legends were fantastic
the img file was corrupt...
please speed up the downloadspeed..make it easier and simple data to download to user...i hope this wiil improve the system..for future...
Easily one of the greatest stories ever told within the realm of video games. This one is quite overlooked by the public. I truly believe the greatest rpg ever made is Xenogears. If you play it all the way through, then you will know why.
It doesn't work for me. WHyyy? it says the site is currently down? saying nginx/0.8.24 or whatever...soo i just have to wait right?
found it at last...ahaha..i've search for saga frontier 2 here...but i did'nt find it...i try saga frontier II and i found it...ahaha... for people who love this game you have a very good taste...
Enjoyed it, a little bit odd, when compared to the first one, i suggest you play any of the SaGa games if you like any sort of relatively open classic RPG: Romancing SaGa 1-3 on SNES (all japanese), SaGa frontier 1-2 on PSX, and Romancing SaGa as well as Unlimited SaGa on PS2...there may also be some handheld versions of some of them.
SaGa Frontier II is one of my favorite PSX games. It's storyline arcs throughout multiple generations, and tells two incredible tales. On one side, you have the story of the Knights family as they become bound to the fate of an egg that holds ungodly power and corrupts those who possess it. On the other, you have Gustave, the heir to the Kingdom of Finney who is born without Anima (magic, which is drawn from within) and cast out of his own kingdom only to rise up and forge his own Empire. I recommend this to anyone who likes unique RPGs and solid stories.