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Full Name Rising Zan - The Samurai Gunman [U] [SLUS-00829].7z
Filesize 464.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Rising Zan - The Samurai Gunman is an action-packed game for the PSX that combines the best elements of samurai and cowboy genres. Gamers can download the ROM of this game and experience the thrill of engaging in sword fights and gun battles within a 3D virtual world. With a variety of challenging levels and enemies to defeat, players must use all their skills to rise to the top as the ultimate samurai gunman. Don't miss out on the chance to play this classic game on your PC today.


Easily one of the best soundtracks ever and one example of how the music and style of the PS1 era were the absolute best. The element of fun was top priority for developers and publishers and you ended up with stuff like Rising Zan, over the top and filled with bright colors and loud music.
Oh my, I believe i used to own this game. Came out late in the playstation lineup. Like previously stated it plays like a DMC game for the PS1. Its alright, nothing too special. I do recommend you get it seeing as how it is memorable as i still remember bits and pieces about it. You won't forgot the "Uniqueness" of it anytime soon :)
Perhaps the best storyline in history---You're a cowboy samurai who fights ninjas in the wild west---If that doesn't sell you on this game than nothing will---solid action/adventure title that plays like a PS1 version of Devil May Cry---Solid ISO with no problems---Great Download