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Full Name Resident Evil [U] [SLUS-00170].7z
Filesize 265.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



"Immerse yourself in the survival horror experience of "Resident Evil" on PSX, now available for download as a ROM file. Explore the creepy mansion, solve intricate puzzles, and fight off hordes of infected enemies in this classic gaming title. Join the ranks of the S.T.A.R.S. team and unravel the sinister secrets hidden within the mansion's walls. Download "Resident Evil" on your PC and relive the spine-tingling scares of this iconic PSX game today."


(^_^) Good game!
I kept finding this classical game in many Chinese websites but the result was always "Director's Cut"... Now I'm finally got this game!Thank you guys...
Sigh...~~The GameCube version of this remake seems to have better only problem with the PS1 version is the voice acting...what's with the puns?! Otherwise the PS1 version shall forever remain the timeless classic.
Ohh jill sandwich LoL
If anyone is having trouble downloading this game try downloading the directors cut its the same thing but shittier music
Error on page WTF what do i do!!!!!!EVRY SINGLE GAME!!!!!
Very good game
Resident evil games are AWESOME
I think the file might be broken. I've tried playing it, and none of the voice acting is being played. Only the title bit when the guy says "Resident Evil!"
I found broken file.:(
One of my all time favorites on the PSX, was also my first game :P
Best game ever on ps1