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Full Name Resident Evil [U] [SLUS-00170].7z
Filesize 265.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



"Immerse yourself in the survival horror experience of "Resident Evil" on PSX, now available for download as a ROM file. Explore the creepy mansion, solve intricate puzzles, and fight off hordes of infected enemies in this classic gaming title. Join the ranks of the S.T.A.R.S. team and unravel the sinister secrets hidden within the mansion's walls. Download "Resident Evil" on your PC and relive the spine-tingling scares of this iconic PSX game today."


The best RE's game of all time!!!
I am a die-hard RE fan. I love playing this timeless classic in the RE series. Even though the voice acting was a little off, I love it all the same.
Love this game to bits , Shame about the extremely bad dialogue Haha Barry: "I found a weapon Jill it's reeeeallly Powerful" Jill: "what about you barry?" Barry: "I have this !" ;) you gotta love it <3
Yes. The only difference of the original and Director's Cut I'm aware of is the soundtrack. I have Director's Cut and it's god awful. This is amazingly rare, get this while ya can !
spoiler note.the snake boss is hard to beat!can someone teach me how to defeat it?
this is awesome
i wish the resident evil portable will be like this..
Still my favorite from the series. Also - All movies based on these games are terrible. Please not not compare aging wine with putrid excrement.
It is an awesome game but it focuses a bit to much on puzzles but yeah if you are an RE fan this is a must have.
I remember playing this game way back in the day; and subsequently wetting myself during the first zombie scene... Ah, the game that popularized a genre. One that can't be overshadowed by it's remake. Although the dialogue is far less campy in REmake, it fails to present that certain "something" that the original had going for it. I can't really explain it; If you played both of them through back to back, you'd know what I'm getting at.
*\\(^-^)//* Good! Good! very..very good! ahahhh..............!!!!!!!!! i love it!