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Full Name Resident Evil Survivor [U] [SLUS-01087].7z
Filesize 144.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



"Immerse yourself in the terrifying world of Resident Evil Survivor, the classic survival horror game for the PSX system. As the lone survivor of a vicious outbreak, fight your way through hordes of zombies and other mutated creatures to stay alive. Download the ROM version of Resident Evil Survivor today and experience pulse-pounding action and spine-tingling suspense, all from the comfort of your PC. With intuitive controls and suspenseful gameplay, Resident Evil Survivor will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish."


I burned the cd image using Astroburn but when i played it on my psx,it said software error:console may have been modified.What will I do?Please help.
It's an okay game like the shooting elements but it could've improved on the story give it 2.5 out 5 stars
Descent game. Does anybody else realize that the first image is from the Resident Evil 1 Remake?
I kind of like the idea this gave, i mean blasting some zombies to pieces sounds like crackin fun to me, reminds me of house of the dead for dreamcast
I´ll give it a try, look´s like a short but interesting game.
Actually Leon is in a few spinoffs, for example the Game Boy Color Resident Evil game with Barry Burton as the main character. But that picture IS from RE4.
I like this Resident Evil game,but I think that its not like other Resident Evil games.......but its worth to try:)
First off, this game isn't Conan(which means it does not fit into the actual story-line) Second, its a nice short shooter. I love this game when all I want to do is kill some time. How you can get 3 different endings. I just don't how a picture of Leon from RE4 got into the pics.... Great game, I'm lucky to own the disc. Well worth your time and points.
i do not know who to agree with..the one that say is bad or good
I remember this game and i also remember that capcom miss lead its gamers. if your wondering how is it that they did well does anybody remember the fact when you get half way through the game and wonder you to yourself is there a save point because i didn't in fact i don't think there ever was one in the game. but thanks to emulators you can save any where you want. oh not a bad game:-)
Why all say this game not good?????? But for me this game is good......
Why are people posting trouble-shooting questions here when the rules clearly state that those types of questions should directed at the forums?