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Full Name Resident Evil Director's Cut [U] [SLUS-00551].7z
Filesize 270.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Resident Evil Director's Cut for PSX is a gripping survival horror game that transports players into a world of terror and mystery. As players navigate through a zombie-infested mansion, they must use their wits and weapons to fight off attackers and solve puzzles to uncover the truth behind the sinister T-virus. With its immersive gameplay, high-quality graphics, and haunting soundtrack, Resident Evil Director's Cut for PSX is a must-play for any fan of the genre. Download the ROM today to experience the fear and excitement for yourself.


one of my favorite games
hey umm...Renvald its Special tactics and rescue scared now
thx for the game i love this game
this version is better than the dual shock you can see it when you hear the soundtrack
Renvald, you got to him first ;) I was gonna give a little rant as well. Resident Evil dual shock is so that the controller will rumble when omething happens or when you are getting attacked. Directors cut has some scenes that contain more violence and more gore. If you are interested in playing this on the PSP you must get the non rumble version as the PSP does not support rumble function and will fail to load.
i got a quick question whats the difference between resident evil dual shock and Directors cut? thanks in advance
I am scared of the first RE games >
Wwwooooowww .... is asome game .... !!! this is my favorite game ever ... !
This is the most favorite and memorable game that i played.
I love this game, this ones make me enjoy more getting the endings and uncutting the intro, and is more difficult than the others RE, the only bad things about the saga of RE is the difficult, every new RE is more easy than the olds ones ( i feel that way )
O yeah! year 1997 golden days of PSX
Yeah its a great game, personally my most favorite Resident Evil game ever.