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Full Name Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis [U] [SLUS-00923].7z
Filesize 213.3 MB
Region USA
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GOAT Have it completed it many times... never gets old.
Lovely sequel. This was the last of games that actually got better in sequels. I used to scream my head off playing this when the mutant prick was coming after me.
Very good game copy with all video and sound. A must have for Resident Evil Fans
The person who did not try this game ... Did not receive half of his life
Best game ever
I agree, RE3 is the G.O.A.T.!!!!!! I haven't finished downloading but im way excited
Good game..
Awsome game
Not as good as RE2 but still a close second and a great game.
Re3 is just an awesome game!!!!
this is the best resident evil ever . i remember when i used to play this when i was 8 .. this game scared the shit out of me :)) 5/5
Dude yeah man!Must have.A little more complex than re2,just as fun,maybe a lot harder.TIP-the more you fight nemesis youll figure out tactics to use.He can be put in his place.After about 65 times of you dieing that is hahaha.Ive played this game for more than 10 years and I still jump and yell out when somethig unexpected happens,believe me there is lots of that.Be prepared to yell out obceneties,try not to break anythig...