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Full Name RayStorm [U] [SLUS-00482].7z
Filesize 328.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Experience the thrill of the acclaimed vertical-scrolling shooter RayStorm on your PC. Originally released for the PSX, this classic game is now available for download as a ROM file. As you navigate through futuristic environments, take down enemy spacecraft, and dodge incoming fire, you'll be hooked by the adrenaline rush that comes with each level. RayStorm is the perfect choice for gamers who crave a challenge - and with the option to play on your PC, you can enjoy this timeless classic whenever you want. Download RayStorm today and immerse yourself in an epic gaming experience.


One thing that comes in mind when I see this game, the kick-ass musicthemes! Just wait around 30 sec on the first stage for instance... you will hum the theme eventually while shooting down several enemies. It´s an experience that needs to be felt. Even today there aren´t many of these shoot ´em ups (I refuse to say the other word for it!) with this kind of music. It´s actually themes you enjoy listening to! Not just a background theme. I had this game once (original) and I curse myself even to this day I got rid of it! It´s a wonderful shoot ´em up... try it at least once and prove me wrong.
It's little bit difficult, but desighn of all those fighters and ships are just amazing. Artists of this game did REALLY good.
Very good game.... what makes it better is the that two people can play co-op
Great shooter
Imagine a classic vertical scrolling shooter like Raiden or Xevious, but with updated 3D polygon graphics. It looks great, but even on the easiest difficulty level I find it overwhelming, and your ships don't last long against the onslaught!
Nice game, recommended for kids and teens and also some adults.. :]