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Full Name Parasite Eve 2 Disc 2 of 2 [U] [NTSC-U] [SLUS-01055].7z
Filesize 380.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Parasite Eve 2 Disc 2 of 2 is a thrilling adventure game for the PSX system. A sequel to the popular first instalment, this game follows Aya Brea, a rookie cop with the NYPD, as she uncovers a sinister plot involving a mysterious creature known as Eve. With hair-raising action sequences and intense boss battles, players will be on the edge of their seats as they navigate through a world filled with danger and supernatural powers. Download the ROM now to experience an unforgettable journey into the dark depths of Parasite Eve 2.


This is to Vagrant Story as Fallout is to Skyrim. Both games way ahead of their time and sadly forgotten. Tons of different NG+ modes. You can get a gunblade and drink actual real Coca-Cola. The story is typical 90's Square nonsense but based in real science. Just play the damn game, already.
This is awesome, ai still play this game and i'm very like, but i can't download anymore whit free member. Hiks
it's a perfect game for perfect people
this game better resident evil 4, 5(personal opinion)
there will be parasite eve 3 for psp cant w8 for that
great game square enix ever made even has 10 years old, great site too. still can get it free, thanx alot . i miss this game so much....
nothing to say..just..i agree with you
Hmm, Yes, Indeed.
Yes Truly Epic
I agree, this game in my opinion is magnificent.
Incredibly good game, one of the best psx games ever.