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Full Name NBA Live 2003 [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-01483].7z
Filesize 244.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Experience the excitement of the court with NBA Live 2003 for the PSX. This classic basketball game boasts realistic gameplay and graphics, featuring popular players and teams from the time. Easily download the ROM and transport yourself onto the court for some slam dunk action. Get ready to shoot, pass, and score your way to victory with NBA Live 2003.


All time I have a custom team. Players all 7'10 in height. Team Avg in Blocks are 40+, Points allowed in a 40 min game, almost 50ppg.
Oh yes Ive played it. This is cool. I can create characters now im building my own league.
how can i get points?
pretty sick
You could use another version of ePSXe like 1,7,0
Im new to this, sorry. im currently using psx 1.13. audio is smooth but gameplay is lagging. is there something i need to configure? i need help pls