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Full Name Monster Rancher [U] [SLUS-00568].7z
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Region USA
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This game is great. It reminds me that not all the great games at in the new generation. But I'd like to point out that on both this game and the Monster Rancher 2 page, there are pictures from the gameboy advance versions.
i use to own the disk, but unfortunantly it was cracked, and eventually broke, this is a very great, and underrated games
Guys, how to get a monster other than dino or spot? I am playing w/ my laptop and I can only get dino when loading an iso and a spot when using a CD. Thanks in advance
I loved this game so much...the second one sucked tho.
My most powerful monster was a black dino. Man, I had a tough decision with him. He was a strong fella, but he was also old. So, I kept him on ice until rank raising tournaments would come up. Jeez, I forgot what this one tournament was called, but it was the one where if you won the council allowed you to raise dragons. When the tournament came up, I had him enter and he won, I can't remember if it was a close call or not. But my dino then died the next day. I probably would've just went with my dino dying, if I knew for certain I would find a cd with a dragon on it. But despite all the hundreds of random cds we had in a house, only one of 'em had a blocked creature on it, though it wasn't a dragon. I think it was the joker monster or something. So, I restarted the game and skipped the tournament.
I remember this game my first monster was a zuum it was strong as heck and when it died i cried =,(
Hey! how can i get a monster from a compact disk? Chi-ching!