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Full Name Monster Rancher 2 [U] [SLUS-00917].7z
Filesize 99.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Monster Rancher 2" is a popular game for the PSX system that allows players to raise and train their own monsters for battle. With a vast array of creatures to choose from, players can use the innovative "Monster CD" system to create unique monsters by inserting various CDs into their console. With the ability to download ROM files and play on PC, players can enjoy this exciting game anytime, anywhere. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the thrill of competition and become the ultimate monster trainer in "Monster Rancher 2" for PSX.


Well, I remember playing this game when I was little; I had plenty of fun with it! My siblings did, too. All I have to say about this game is that it's probably a must have, among the PSone games! But the problem with this file is that I tried burning it on disc, and the screen was messed up. So, judging by another user's comment, I'm guessing that it's a PAL version. Either way, the screen was too messed up, at my house; this stinks. Oh well; at least it brings back happy memories!
this version is PAL......i wasnt expecting that
One of the best games ever made. It's just crazy fun. Thankfully my disc still works so I've no need to download it but I highly recommend this game for everyone.
This game is awesome. I can't remember how many nights i spent using all CD's i had in my house and my friend's house trying to achieve the best monster... Its fun, lots of options to train your monster and fuse them. Despite the monster fail an attack most of times when it's new, the battles are good!
Combine a suezo and a tiger. . it will become a 1 eyed dog LOL.. so cool..
you may try to use tomba disc in the shrine. you will get a salamander and combine your salamander with other salamander, there is a chance you get a dragon.
ah...... i like psx old game
nice game. it seems like digimon world 1..
Ah, the classic game, now I can start crying about my Suezos again.
To use CDs you've got to use ePSXe 1.60, the newer version doesn't support CDs as well as 1.60. Load it as an ISO, then press esc and go to change disc > CD-ROM.
Very awesome game!!! Im playing it instead of playing my psp
you can get monster creation if you use psxfin.exe