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Full Name Metal Slug X [U] [SLUS-01212].7z
Filesize 25.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Get ready to experience the action-packed thrill of Metal Slug X on your PC! Originally released on the PSX, this classic shooter game is now available for download in ROM format, so you can relive the adventure anytime, anywhere. Join Marco, Tarma, Fio, and Eri as they battle against a powerful enemy army with tanks, helicopters, and other advanced weaponry. With its smooth animation, colorful graphics, and challenging gameplay, Metal Slug X is a must-play for all fans of the run-and-gun genre. Download the PSX ROM now and enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience!


The game is full of my childhood memories I can not believe I can find it in this
Oh my god this game was full of enjoy...
great game i still remember playing it with my friends it's worth downloading
can i put this on psp?
Pretty fun game for killing time.
great 2d run
very good game ,thank's
Bravo man!!!Just like the old arcade used to have....LEAD AND STEEL!!!!
Thanks ! i used to play this game with my brother when i was young. miss it !!
i love this game soo much =)
i love this game i might download it and can someone help me how to I'm new here
HELP !! cant unrar .:*_*:.
Try to download Zarchiver, if you're an android user! This game is fun to play on phone...