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Full Name Metal Gear Solid disc 1 of 2 [U][SLUS-00594].7z
Filesize 413.2 MB
Region USA
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Metal Gear Solid is a classic stealth-action game designed for PSX that takes you on a gripping adventure through Shadow Moses Island. This game disc 1 of 2 is an excellent game to download as an ROM and play on your PC. In this game, you play as Solid Snake, a spy on a mission to infiltrate and neutralize the terrorist organization's threat. The game provides thrilling gunfight scenes, stealth maneuver, and a storyline that will keep you engaged for hours. Download Metal Gear Solid disc 1 of 2 ROM and enjoy the perfect combination of combat, puzzles, and storytelling.


This game is legendary
This game is the best game ever made the graphics are awesome and the story was the best in a game series i love it cause this is where it all started back in the 90's can't get much better than this 10/10
This is one of those games that we need to keep as a "classic"... This one started the craze for those Metal Gear Games of Today!
Best game ever! excelent sotory and gameplay. Definily my all time favorite
This game is biond AWESOME this is the greatest games ever.
Great game. 5/5
Amazing game with utterly amazing story and captivating gameplay, An instant and deserved classic.
Utterly superb. Started off my fave game series EVAR
This game deserves 5 stars.......incredible depth, storyline and graphics for its time
Metal Gear Solid is one of the best series on the PlayStation and this game started it all basically. :D