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Full Name Metal Gear Solid disc 1 of 2 [U][SLUS-00594].7z
Filesize 413.2 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Metal Gear Solid is a classic stealth-action game designed for PSX that takes you on a gripping adventure through Shadow Moses Island. This game disc 1 of 2 is an excellent game to download as an ROM and play on your PC. In this game, you play as Solid Snake, a spy on a mission to infiltrate and neutralize the terrorist organization's threat. The game provides thrilling gunfight scenes, stealth maneuver, and a storyline that will keep you engaged for hours. Download Metal Gear Solid disc 1 of 2 ROM and enjoy the perfect combination of combat, puzzles, and storytelling.


The Best Game Ever Hit The Playstation.
So does this file work cuz ima big fan i have 2 3 4 of the series
How is it possible 2 beat psyco mantis..............when u cant take the memeory card out!!!!
GREAT Game from KONAMI. I would like to finish the game.
Remember get more Konami games so Psycho Mantis has more things to say.
Ahh fond memories, very interesting game, worth whatever you have to do to buy it. If you don't and use the download then remember, "Meryl's codec frequency is 140.15"
Great game
This game is great and i would recommend it to anybody. i felt like playing this but couldnt cause my ps2 isnt with me at the moment, and romulation is hooking me up. thanks.
Its sad that any new gamer would say the graphics suck. but i think its a classic. the graphics were amazing back in the 90s and still are to me.
This game is MARA!!! Brazil is in the area! Brasil táh na área! I recommend Valkyrie Profile too...Very good... Também recomendo Valkyrie Profile...Muito bom... Bye! ::FlwS!
This game are best in the world becues it is best..!!!
A legendary game has emerged in the 90's and still rocking the PSX world as well as Vagrant Story 10\10 Graphics 10\10 OST 10\10 storyline ... farewell Konami Staff!