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Full Name Metal Gear Solid disc 1 of 2 [U][SLUS-00594].7z
Filesize 413.2 MB
Region USA
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Metal Gear Solid is a classic stealth-action game designed for PSX that takes you on a gripping adventure through Shadow Moses Island. This game disc 1 of 2 is an excellent game to download as an ROM and play on your PC. In this game, you play as Solid Snake, a spy on a mission to infiltrate and neutralize the terrorist organization's threat. The game provides thrilling gunfight scenes, stealth maneuver, and a storyline that will keep you engaged for hours. Download Metal Gear Solid disc 1 of 2 ROM and enjoy the perfect combination of combat, puzzles, and storytelling.


I am disappointed in all of you. It didn't start on the Megadrive OR the NES. It started on the MSX2.
MGS is my favorite franshise and this was the game that change my life definetly got to have in on my PC
Metal Gear started on the NES officially was the first Metal Gear game and only got better until Solid because they all were pretty damn awesome after that.
Absolutely superb and outstanding; an indelible part of gaming history.
I'll think you'll find this series started on megadrive called metal gear.. still quality game!
Great Game, but the download link doesn't work for me D:
Great Game Nothing More to say ,and I still Have it on my own playstation with both cd's including the vr missions.:D
MGS1 is THE game !!! superb storytelling, outstanding gameplay, impressive graphic (at the current time of course). and i really like all the easter egg the developer made throughout the game, (like getting pissed by a dog while you're in a cardbox :D lol)
Classic. I remember when this first came out, it was so different from any game I played before. Not since Resident Evil have I been so intrigued with a game's plot and storyline, as well as its sequels.
Man this game... best game for PSX (next to FF7) but one of the best games out there its a solid 10/10 no wait its a 15/10
The game doesn't start!!!! help!! Black screen!!