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Full Name Metal Gear Solid disc 1 of 2 [U][SLUS-00594].7z
Filesize 413.2 MB
Region USA
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Metal Gear Solid is a classic stealth-action game designed for PSX that takes you on a gripping adventure through Shadow Moses Island. This game disc 1 of 2 is an excellent game to download as an ROM and play on your PC. In this game, you play as Solid Snake, a spy on a mission to infiltrate and neutralize the terrorist organization's threat. The game provides thrilling gunfight scenes, stealth maneuver, and a storyline that will keep you engaged for hours. Download Metal Gear Solid disc 1 of 2 ROM and enjoy the perfect combination of combat, puzzles, and storytelling.


this is a great title but its all about mgs rising. i would download it but i already have it on disc but i will take note incase nuclear war breaks out or sumat
Best game on PSX!! Snake rulez
The game crashes after you talk to President Baker of Armstech anyone know whats wrong?
this game is certainly one that marks epochs and that will always be remembered as a landmark for future games
yes,yes awsom game its to bad that the second was a pice of *******
I could not stop playing once I started. I stayed home "sick" for a few days because I couldn't stop. If you like stealth play this.
lol i play this game in class and every1 keep looking at my screen when snake was talking about meryls butt XD
Simply one of the best games I've ever played
R.I.P SOLID SNAKE! MGS best game of all time
i must admit to you all i have never played any in this series. when 4 came out i was somewhat....intruiged and i liked the demo. but of all my psx background i NEVER played these games id see them at the shop and not even wonder about them....sooo having said that , i have some questions: is with the weird code names? what happen to james , james bond or billie or the other real names? dont get me wrong snake is a cool name but... 2. qsycho mantis? wtf? am i playing a shooter or is this pokemon? 3. When did the series lose its potential and start going into the scifi stargate sg1 bullshit like in mgs4? I really liked the premise of 4 but it was just too mysterious you know. like "hmmm that looks interesting but i dont wanna bet my money on it" know what i mean?
Snake Eater had to be my favorite in the entire series though because the story was so confusing at first than you found out you were playing Snake's father and not Solid Snake that really was an impressive idea. Plus I liked the jungle setting.
BEST GAME SERIES EVER!!!!! This is the only game in the series that I never beat(didn't have a memory card to switch from disk one to disk two :( ) But now I finally have my chance to go back and beat Metal Gear Solid :)!! This series has to Playstation's best of all time. And not to be a jerk but no this didn't start the series really Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 did, but they dont really matter in America.