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Full Name MegaMan X5 [U][SLUS-01334].7z
Filesize 304.3 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



"MegaMan X5 for the PSX introduces players to a thrilling sci-fi world filled with challenging gameplay and sleek graphics. Download the ROM and experience the action-packed adventure of MegaMan X5 on your PC. Join MegaMan X and his ally Zero as they navigate through complex levels, fight powerful bosses, and collect helpful power-ups. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play one of the most iconic games in the MegaMan franchise on your computer today."


Amazing!!! a little bit easy if you keep going with zero...but an excellent game!
Wooo!!! Good stuff!! Hearty tardy!
Yeah, you can check that in the 2nd screenshot from the details tab right there ! :D
Yeah, you can check that in the 3rd screenshot from the details tab right there ! :D
There is some funny things about the "Axle the Red" :)) : 1, He has the name of Guns
Excellent game, I remember getting it for my birthday a few years back. I always liked those Zero stages [the ones with the viruses]. The first one was hard, the one with all those lasers!
i love how the bosses are all named after members of guns n' roses :))
Great Opening,i'm like a japanese version,opening music is fantastic