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Full Name Medievil II [U][SCUS-94564].7z
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Region USA
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Ummm...first image is from Medievil 1..not 2. Interface between the two games a little different as well as the graphics.
hehehehe i love this game
when i play through each level,get the chalice,and go to receive a new weapon from the professor, it will stay in the conversation screen,i can still pause the game but whenevwr a new weapon is to be retreived it plays this glitch..anyone else in this predicament??
Medievil and Medievil II in my opinion are the best PSX games of all time.
Man I remember playing this game when I was like five my mom liked it too thanks to the uploader
this is a game that i had when i was a was awesome
to karssiebe youtube is your best friend..
@karssiebe Please post your question on the forum as the 2nd rule of Posting comments is "Please use the forum for support, support will not be given in comments"
This is one of my favourite games on PSone, and runs great on EPSXE emulator.
Very nice Game! i love it
MediEvil and MediEvil II = Best games
Hrm, it apears to be incomplete, i can get up to the vampire boss and then it cant find the "disc" despite the fact its an image, however up till then this games great, action adventure puzzle, its got everything, except the glasshouses, oh how annoying