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Full Name Medal of Honor [U][SLUS-00974].7z
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It's a great game. By the way, I was wondering if the posters here and elsewhere who can't spell or type a coherent sentence worth their life talk the way they type. Can anyone help me with that query?
Its Best game ever
Medal of Honor "Allied Assault". Avaiable on PC too, awesome one, nice campaign but i find it´s too short. They a made of real-happened events like the batlle on omaha beach, battle in the normandie etc.
Despite the photos, Medal Of Honor was for PSX, like Goldeneye was for N64, I must say!
I love the game just the rom isn't the greatest (some messed up audio) otherwise its awesome
Medal of Honor, great game. I think it was a good idea to make it almost virtually impossible to cheat to beat the game. I cherish my 99% save file. I'd say the best WWII game on PSX but I can't think of any other WWII war game for PSX besides Medal of Honor: Underground.
A good game but the photos are from medal of honor from ps2, not all, but these photos take place in a beach. Anyway, the best WWII game in psx
the games is one killing tme
Wow this game brings back some fond memories for me.
Nevermind, if your using a gamepad, make sure you go into the settings and choose controller type 1, rather then the default 2.
I don't know if it's just me, but the controls are all wonky.
This are not pictures of medal of honor 1 for ps1 . This pictures are of medal of honor allied assault for PC